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Very new and uncommon thing is first Indian company who comes with this great service to cover whole India in very cheap cost. Now we have also good speed network for internet work. Before this jio 4G service can be access by only lyf mobile user and some registered other company mobile user. But now this annoushment says very people can use this service in his/her 4G mobile. You can buy jio sim from jio retiles in free. With id proof. After 3month of free service you can use50/GB and free calling  over Jio network. 

Reliance Join 4G launch live: Mukesh Ambani to speak at 11 am
Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani on Thursday dedicated the much-anticipated Reliance Jio 4G services to the nation and called it an effort to fulfil the Digital India dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The 4G VoLTE service, even in its beta phase has been generating a lot of user interest across the country and millions of people have already bought the Reliance Jio SIM for the free data during the trial period. Ambani said his goal was to acquire 100 million customers as soon as possible.
Reliance Jio services have been on a trial run for a few months now, initially being limited to employees and then to those buying a Lyf smartphone from the company. From September 5, everyone will be able to access the service, which will still be free till the end of the year. Voice calls, meanwhile, will never be charged on the Jio service. The data rates are also cheapest in the world, he said, announcing tariffs starting Rs 50 per GB or 5 paise per MB. The entire bouquet of apps will also be free till end of 2017.

Over the past week or so, Reliance Jio has opened service up to people owning devices from most brands selling in India. The services are free for the first 90 days and that has been a huge driver for the adoption along with the high Internet speeds in the relatively new network.
The RIL AGM was held at Birla Matushri Sabhagar in Mumbai on September 1.


# Mukesh Amana starts by talking about youngest member of Reliance family. Says Join is aimed at realizing Digital India dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He dedicates Jio services to India.

# “Life is going digital… I believe in next 20 years we will collectively achieve much more that before.” He says we will become irrelevant if we are not digital in this era. “India and Indians cannot be left behind”. He says Jio will improve India’s digital ranking.

#”Data is the oxygen of digital life. Jio is more than just a business. It is a commitment to enrich the life of every Indian.”

# Data demand is growing. Jio’s mission is to meet this exploding need, to go from data shortage to data abundance

#Ambani lists five pillars of Jio services.

#1 Network: Most service providers have infrastructure for voice, not data. They have had to retrofit, have had to push an unnatural act. There is one language spoken on Jio, the language of the Internet: IP. The all IP design makes Jio the most extensive and future-proof in the world. Jio is a data strong network, built for the Internet from the ground up. Will cover 90 per cent of India’s population by March 2017. Only 4G on Jio network. Largest only 4G network in the world today.  Largest VoLTE network in the world. Jio is future ready and can be easily upgraded to support even more data. We can transform India from a high price data market to one with the lowest data rates anywhere in the world.

#2 Devices: More 70 per cent of all smart phones in India are 4G LTE. Ambani announced new Lyf devices with prices starting at Rs 2,999 and going up to Rs 5,999. 4G LTE JioFi router at 1,999. Ensured that entry price for using the network will be low for Indians.

#3 Content: JIO TV will offer access to 300 plus channels. Jio Cinema will have a library of 6000 movies and 1,00,000 episodes of TV shows. Jio music as 10 million songs. Jio Money allows you to go cashless. Apps will be free for all users till December 2017.

#4 Services: Redesigned sign up process which will roll out in Delhi and Mumbai today. Rest of India within six weeks. Capacity to acquire a million users a day. Want to make on boarding experience as simple as possible. E-KYC will give you a working connection with Andhra card in just 15 minutes.

#5 Tariffs: Have always put customer first. Jio tariffs are built on three principles. 1) Customer should play for only one service — voice or data. So all voice calls will be absolutely free. No roaming charges across India. 2) Data must be affordable: Jio will have a base rate which is 1/10th of market rates. 5 paisa per MB, or Rs 50 per GB. More you use, the cheaper it gets. “Absolutely the lowest rates anywhere in the world.” 3) Pricing structure should be simple so just 10 tariff plans. No blackout dates.
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#6 No strings attached. International calling rates will be best away, says Ambani. Indians will no longer have to turn off data.

#7 Students will be able to get 25 per cent more data on Jio’s main tariffs. Platinum customers to get white glove services.

#8 Mukesh Ambani rounds up. But says there is one more thing. Starting September 5, all Jio services will be availabe for everyone free till end of the year.” He calls it the Jio welcome offer. However, free services have been running for a while now. Now every Indian can do ‘datagiri’. “Do unlimited good things with unlimited data.”

#9Jio is rolling out fiber-to-the-home wire line network. He announced an Rs 5,000-crore venture fund to help Indian entrepreneurs to set up their businesses.

#10 He announces 100 million customers target, a new world record. Have 5, 00,000 partners across India. Join family is nearly 50, 00,000 strong across India. This is the employment Jio has created.

#11 Incumbents have significant advantages, the onus is on incumbents not to create unfair hurdles on points of inter-connect. In the last week alone Jio customers suffered five core call drops because of these issues.

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