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How To Fix Bugs In A Ported Custom Rom For Both Lollipop And Marshmallow

RadioFM systemlib & lib64libfmcust.so systemlib & lib64libfmmt6620.so systemlib & lib64libfmmt6627.so systemlib & lib64libfmmt6628.so systemlib & lib64libfmmt6630.so Sensors /system/bin/akmd* /system/bin/sensorservice /system/lib & lib64/libsensorservice.so /system/lib & lib64/libem_sensor_jni.so Bluetooth /system/lib & lib64/hw/bluetooth.default.so /system/lib & lib64/libbluetooth_mtk.so /system/lib & lib64/libbluetoothem_mtk.so /system/vendor/lib/hw/audio.a2dp.blueangel.so /system/vendor/lib/hw/bluetooth.blueangel.so /system/etc/bluetooth (folder) Wifi /system/bin/netcfg /system/bin/dhcpcd /system/bin/hostapd /system/bin/hostapd_cli /system/bin/wlan* /system/bin/wpa* /system/bin/netd -> Fix wifi …

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[64BIT][V1] Marshmallow Porting Guide For All 67xx Chipsets

MT6735/35M/35P (etc) to mt6753 or viceversa / MT6735/53/35M/35P (etc) to MT6735/53/35M/35P LIB & LIB64 HW (foldser) EGL (foldser) And all libcam_XXX except : libcamera_client.so libcamera_metadata libcameracustom.so ETC Delete and copy from stock: firmware (folder) mddb (folder) copy and replace from stock: agps_profiles_conf2.xml apns-conf.xml custom.conf recovery.xml recovery.fstab recovery-resource.dat spn-conf.xml trustzone.bin.   …

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New 64BIT Roms Porting Guide For lollipop ROMS

Hello guys now a days most of the mobile are equipped with a 64bit processor.So today im sharing you latest guide for porting roms between same chipsets and in different chipsets.Ok lets get started. Note : This Guide Will Work For Normal And Cross Porting From MT6735=>MT6753  MT6735=>MT6735 MT6753=>MT6753 Replace …

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