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How To Increase Internal Memory Of MTK6577 And MTK6575 Using Data Repartition Tool [App Install Space] By AtoZHacks

Note:I am not the builder of the application i am just reposting it so please care your phone with Nandroid backup)

For rooted Android phones, there are countless mods that can help users increase their internal memory. One of the most beneficial ones I have found are Link2sd (based on a2sd script) and swapping the internal and external sd card. While Link2sd method works best for phones which don’t have an internal sd card, swapping internal and external sd card is a good option for those who want to install big games which requires lots of sd data.

Difference between Internal storage, Internal sd card, External sd card:

Many of you might be confused about what these these terms refer to. External sd card obviously refers to the sd card you put in the external sd card slot in your phone. Internal storage is the space in which applications are installed. Internal storage location is universal and *is* present in every Android device. External sd card is present in all devices that come with a slot for external sd cards. Internal sd card, on the other hand, comes in COMPARATIVELY newer android devices, and are always present in devices with no external sd cards. Internal sd card is used for storage of data of the games installed and for moving apps to the sd card if that option is selected for a particular app. In devices which have total internal storage above 2 GB almost always have an internal sd card.

What’s the best option to have maximum possible space for apps and sd data?

When you decide to swap your internal and external sd card, you have lots of space for sd data of games and for storing apps’ data. Your internal storage stays as it was, at anywhere from 512 MB -1 GB. If this much storage isn’t enough for you, you can use your internal sd card’s memory as your internal storage. To do this, we have to repartition the phone’s total internal memory.
Repartitioning internal storage and swapping internal sd card with external sd card when used together will give you the max possible space for both, installing apps and storing their data.

Note: Backup your apps and data before following anything given below.; We won’t be responsible for any damages. DOn’t try this if you don’t have a MT657x device.

How to increase internal storage on your MT657x phone:
Jaydvn (xda) created a tool called MT657x repartition tool. This tool works only on Mediatek devices with either MT6575 or MT6577 chipsets. Here are the steps you need to follow to use this tool to increase your app installation space  
Download the app from here
Install the app as you usually do.
Grant superuser permissions when asked.
Choose the size you want your internal storage to be. Make sure that this isn’t more than the total internal space your phone has. To know that, go to Settings > Storage and add up all the storage space there except external sd card.
In the pop up that appears, tap the highlighted button.
The message means (as translated by Google Translate):
Confirm/ Determine
Click Dong y to confirm Memory changes.
Dong y means that you confirm the action, while Huy probably means No. Google translate provided silly translations for these two
For changes to take effect, you have to boot into recovery and click Factory Reset/ Wipe Data.
To boot into recovery, select reboot recovery from the app. This will cause another pop up to appear which says:
In recovery, select Wipe Data/ Factory reset to complete the process of memory division.
Press the Dong button to confirm the reboot.
Once you reboot in recovery, do as told above i.e. Factory Reset your device from there.
Reboot your phone and go to Settings > Storage and confirm that the changes have took effect.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Feel free to try it on your android device if you are sure that it runs on a mediatek Mt657x chipset, where the x can be any number. To know what chipset your pone is powered by, either check it specs on gsmarena and if your phone is not listed there, install Quadrant app from Play Store and view detailed info about your device using this app.

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