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How To Earn More Using PPD Sites

Hi Guys many of you searching for
best PPD niche to make thousands
of dollars Per Month. Well if you
want to earn some cash by doing
online work spending couple of hour
daily? then we have found a great
PPD website (Pay Per Download) it
has great features to give you a
chance to earn you pocket money
from internet you will get paid for
each download almost $0.20 to
$15 that means you could earn
$5000 per month if you work hard
you could increase your daily and
Monthly earnings.So i am Gona give
you Some method to earn from PPD
1.Bot Method :
This is one of
my favorite method because
it requires you to be
creative. What you need to
go to any Manual Traffic
Exchange (Proguglajte) and
a few to register. Upload the
dollarupload a great picture
or a small program of about
1-2 MB file and call
”Traffic”Exchange Bot. Make
a quick blog and delete from
it all except for fasting, and
titles. Write a title that is
easy to read. Write that you
have a traffic exchange bot
that can be used. Not worry
because they do not have a
bot, it is essential that you
have uploaded, without the
file. rar format and has a
real name. People will
download your file, it may
not find a bot for you, but
wanted somewhere else, and
you’ll have your earnings.
I would prefer Going in For
cleanfiles as they Pay twice a
month and their leads have more $
$$.Join Cleanfiles now with the
Link below
Sign Up Now
This is my
method through which
generating the most revenue,
but in fact it is very easy to
accomplish. The only reason
why it is a bit more
complicated because it takes
a certain expertise with
websiteovima, hosting, how
make a website and beautify
it. If you get this method,
number of downloads will be
significantly increased.Look
for the Nintendo DS ROMs
and Emulators on Google.
When you find A good site
download them as much as
possible. At the beginning
you can go on and mininovu
find and download a large
file with over 100 ds roms.
Only upload all the files on
PPD and put them on your
new website.If you updejtati
your website could receive
thousands of downloads a
day. You can submit your
site to a list of 100 ROM to
you get excellent traffic.
Also, write to the site to
download ROMs must be
deleted within 24 hours. So
will your site be was legal.
Torrents method: You can
also upload movies to
torrent files and also add a
password to the winrar file
so people who download the
file will need to get
password to open the
movie.Now upload that
password link to Any PPD
website and when people
download it from That
website You get paid.As
easy as 123.
3.Pay Per Download Niche Ideas
1. Entertainment and Video
2. Instructional Videos
3. Software Downloads
4. Templates
5. File Conversions
6. Free Trials
7. Help and Advice
8. Memberships
9. URL Shortener
10. Write an eBook
11. Hot Trends
12. Cheats and Codes
13. Guides and Tutorials
14. YouTube
15. GPT
16. Torrents
17. Support
18. Graphics and Stock images
19. Donations
20.Buy Websites
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