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How To Earn Paytm Cash Through Amazon Flash Sales 2017


Hi everyone today im going to show you how to earn money through Amazon Flash Sales.As you all know we all live in the world of Technology.Today im going to tell you a method from which you can earn money from amazon twice a weak(it may be more than 2 times or less).The work is very easy you have to order MI or any other phones from amazon and to do that you can use any extensions.


  1. Amazon Account’s(1 or more)
  2. Small Piece Of Brain.

What Is The Work ?

Your work is to order MI Phones(Redmi 4,Redmi 4a,Note4) or any other which ill tell you.If new models of MI devices gets launched then we have to order that.Ill tell you what to do and how to do,So dont worry about it.

How much Will I earn?

The price for each sale will change and the minimum price is 100Rupees INR for each order you do.For example if you order 4Phones on the same day you will get a total payment of 400Rupees After shipping of the device.Payment is Done through PAYTM and Payment will  be given only if the order gets shipped.

How To Apply For This ?

You can apply for this by filling up this form

After filling the form you should join our Whatsapp group and contact admin

Note : For now this is only for Indians because i cant pay anyone from other payment methods.If you are living in any other country than India then you have to get paytm wallet or else please dont apply.

Flash Sale’s Will Be Mostly On Tuesdays,Thursdays.(99%)


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