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Spotify Mod APK Latest Version Free Download 2018

Hi everyone today as we know everyone loves music and music is a part of our life.We listen to it during work hours,while travelling etc etc.The old days of downloading songs and keeping in a folder are gone.The days have changed now everyone loves online music streaming eventhough there are many platforms Spotify is favourite for English song lovers,So today in this tutorial im going to tell you How To Get Spotify Premium Access For Free In Any Android Device.So let’s get started.

What Is Spotify?

Spotify Technology SA is a Swedish entertainment company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It specializes in music, podcast, and video streaming service that launched on 7 October 2008. It is located in Stockholm, Sweden

Features Of Spotify Free :

  1. Access To All The Songs,Radio’s Within In The Country.
  2. Advertisements Inside The App.
  3. Cannot Download The Songs To Hear Those Offline.
  4. Basic Sound Quality.
  5. Cant Listen Albums In Order.

Features Of Spotify Premium :

  1. Access To All The Songs,Radio’s Within In The Country.
  2. No Advertisements.
  3. Can Download And Listen To The Songs Offline.
  4. Control Your Audio Streaming Quality.
  5. Can Listen All The Albums In Order.

How To Use :

  1. Download The Latest Spotify Mod App From The Link Given Below.
  2. Install It.
  3. Download And Install Any VPN,I Prefer Turbo VPN You Can Download It From Here.
  4. Connect To Any Server Other Than India.
  5. Open Spotify,Login With Your Existing Account Or Create A New Account.
  6. Enjoy Spotify Premium Features For Free.

Video Tutorial To Install And Use Spotify Mod APK :

Downloads :

Latest Spotify Mod Apk

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